TD Ameritrade Mobile App Sitelet

This sitelet was created to feature TD Ameritrade's two mobile apps-- TD Ameritrade Mobile and TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader. In conjunction with the live launch of this site were associated emails that provided links to the site. The site uses javascript to query the type of device being used-- Android or iPhone, and appends a query string to the end of the URL. Based off that query string, the images displayed would either feature an iPhone or an Android device.

For example, following this url: /app-tdamobile.html?os=android would show a completely different set of images versus following this url: /app-tdamobile.html?os=ios. This selection would then follow you as you navigated around the site.

The TD Ameritrade Mobile App sitelet was delivered as HTML assets to the client who then plugged the files into their CMS.

Year: 2015