2017 John's Hopkins Graduation Commencement

I was brought on to assist an agency in desperate need of development resources. I was the sole developer on this project, and cranked out the entire website in 40 hours. What a tough timeline! It required documenting my hours down to the 15-minute increments for the sake of assisting the project manager determine how to best allocate hours within this small budget. This site is built on the WordPress platform and makes use of ACF's Flexible Modules to allow the client, John's Hopkins University, to build out their own pages as they like. Additional functionalities included writing a splash page (the yellow countdown clock overlay) which shows up only if you are a new visitor (or have not been cookied). It also features a countdown clock, utilizing Countdown.JS, as well as an SVG animation to write out "2017". Complex PHP logic was required to make sure that the flexible content modules appeared correctly inside post excerpts, and dutiful care was taken to ensure the best UX for a client accessing the WordPress backend. This included making sure shortcodes were easily accessible using the Shortcake UI plugin, as well as providing a proper documentation usage guide to send over to the client.