Hello! Thanks for visiting. I am a web developer who has worked with several top‑tier agencies in the United States.

I have been exploring creative expression with web technologies since I was a pre-teen. I bought my first domain when I was 14, and before then I managed several sites on Geocities and Angelfire.

When I am not busy developing websites, I can be found tending to my cacti and carnivorous plants, creating paintings using digital or traditional mediums, or binge-watching episodes of Law & Order or Star Trek.

I was in love with SNES emulation as a child, and the video game Harvest Moon left a strong impression on me. Cute sprite cows in particular. I've since doodled a little cow everywhere, and they are the inspiration behind this site's theme.

"See You Space Cow" is a play on Cowboy Bebop's famous postscript: "see you space cowboy". It just seemed like the most natural progression...