About This Site

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. I am a senior web engineer who has worked with several global agencies and multinational brands. Check out some of my projects!

This website is written on Express with NodeJS, deployed on an Ubuntu server via Digital Ocean. It makes use of a modern technology stack with ES6 JavaScript, mobile-first SCSS, and Handlebars. Grunt, Bower, and npm is used for task automation and compiling assets. Read the code on Github yourself, or read my detailed post about the codebase!

I have been exploring creative expression with web technologies since I was a pre-teen. I bought my first domain name and hosting space when I was 13, and before then I managed several personal interest sites on Geocities and Angelfire.

When I am not busy developing websites, I can be found tending to my plants, creating artwork using digital or traditional mediums, or reading. My favorite genre is science fiction, but lately I have been focusing more on non-fiction topics such as history or theory.

I was in love with SNES emulation as a child, and the video game Harvest Moon left a strong impression on me- cute sprite cows in particular. I've since doodled a little cow everywhere, and they are the inspiration behind this site's theme.

My retirement dream has always been to live on a modest plot of land, cultivate crops, and raise rescued farm animals and dogs. And yes, I have played Stardew Valley and yes, I LOVE IT!

"See You Space Cow" is a play on Cowboy Bebop's famous postscript: "see you space cowboy". It just seemed like the most natural progression...

Got any questions or just want to say hello? You are always welcome to send me a message!